Our products

rPET clear

Clear granules made from bottle flakes. Available in food grade or non-food grade. Designed in particular for the beverage and packaging industries, EFSA-compliant to guarantee food suitability.

Colored rPET

Colored granules made from colored regrind. Suitable for many different industries, customized for your application.

Toll processing

The right equipment and years of expertise enable us to upcycle many different PET streams into premium-quality rPET granules. Bottle flakes of all kinds, post-industrial sheet flakes (including GAG), fines and other PET streams can be recycled, decontaminated and granulated by us.

Together with our customers, we develop applications where we can achieve a stable production process thanks to smart material blends, turn material streams into useful products and provide our customers with a price advantage.

Tell us about your PET material flow, and we will tell you what we can do with it.

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